Ramesh Mamgain- Creative Indian Chef



I joined the Zátiší Group in 2014. During the previous 15 years, I worked at several international chain hotels and top restaurants in India and Asia-Pacific countries, such as Taiwan.

For me the work is all about guest satisfaction and the guest experience. We have to put ourselves into our guests’ shoes to best understand what he or she wants. And then we have to deliver it to them.

I want to elevate Indian food to new heights.

The two things closest to my heart are, first, my family and, second, the food I prepare, my job. And V Zátiší is best place to prove myself.

Working at Zátiší Group is a great opportunity to provide top-quality dishes and excellent service. And the most important Zátiší vision is “YES WE CAN”. These three words say it all.

I love the city of Prague, the people here, and the V Zátiší team.



Phone.: +420 222 221 155

Email: vzatisi,zatisigroup,cz



Igor Chramec – Executive Chef


altThe world of gastronomy won me over at the age of 15. I have worked at several top restaurants in England and in one innovatory venue in Australia. I was born in Slovakia, but I have found my home in Prague. I really enjoy Prague and believe that it is full of inspiration.


My hobby is, surprisingly, cooking. When I want to make my family and friends happy, I prepare the so called hearty food for them. Cooking hearty meals take longer, requires time and proper care, but the result is well worth it. I like using different spices and herbs, most often thyme, cumin and garlic.






Phone.: +420 222 221 155

Email: vzatisi,zatisigroup,cz



Pavel Brož – Executive Chef


I began working at the V Zátiší restaurant in April 2017. Before that, I lived in London and Edinburgh for over 12 years and worked for such well-known chefs as Albert Roux, the Galvin brothers and Paul Merrett. Over the years, I worked my way up to the position of head chef in Scotland.

After I came to Prague, I looked for a position in which I could continue to learn and evolve as a chef and use the skills I acquired abroad. Eventually, I found myself in the Zátiší Group, at V Zátiší, where we came up with the concept of having two head chefs. It is working brilliantly, and together with our amazing team we are pushing the restaurant forward.

I enjoy cycling and hiking, but I spend most of my free time with my family.





Phone.: +420 222 221 155

Email: vzatisi,zatisigroup,cz



Libor Pavlíček - Managing Director V Zátiší


I believe that by now in Zátiší Group considers me a part of its inventory:-).

I have been working here since the very beginning. As unbelievable as it may sound, I started as a rookie waiter in the Parnas restaurant in 1993. Over time, I was promoted to the post of Chef de Rang, deputy manager, and in 1997, I shortly worked in the Bellevue restaurant where I was in charge of putting together a new team. Now, I consider “my second home” V Zátiší. I have been performing the role of the restaurant manager since 2001. What is it that has been keeping me here for so long? Among other factors, my main motivation has been the option of career growth, ongoing search for novelties and improvements and the fact that it is indeed possible to keep introducing new and sometimes even revolutionary innovations here. I enjoy working with long-term customers who are not easy to keep as they are righteously demanding and always in seek of something new and better. The quest to keep these customers has been fuelling my personal growth. Travelling and discovering new foods and wines is another thing that helps me grow; a thing I also happen to enjoy very much.

When it comes to food, there is hardly anything I would not enjoy, but when it comes to true passions, it is wine that is at the top of my list. I love Rizling from South Moravia, Rhone and Alsace regions the most.


“To eat is not only to meet the basic human need. Quite on the contrary, eating is about emotions and experiences associated with it – just the same as any other art. Therefore, we have decided to interlink these two areas. Simply choose your menu and we will serve it with the wines that complement it best!”



Phone.: +420 222 221 155

Fax: +420 222 220 629

Email: libor,zatisigroup,cz


Jan Kulhánek - Deputy Manager



I have been with the V Zátiší restaurant since 2005, but my first encounters with Zátiší Group took place already during my studies when I used to get part-time jobs there.

What made me pursue a career in gastronomy? Since my childhood, I have loved good food and I always enjoyed making people happy. At V Zátiší, I have also learned to love wine.

Working at Zátiší Group has all attributes of a dream job come true - opportunity to provide the utmost quality and exceptional services, excellent team, potential for personal growth, stability of a strong and prosperous company and, most importantly, the fact that we are one big loving family here at Zátiší Group.

I spend the majority of my free time with my “other” family – my wife Eva, daughter Nela and son Ondra. 

I enjoy learning and discovering new stuff which is something one finds ample opportunities to do every day.

Looking forward to welcoming you at V Zátiší!


Phone: +420 222 221 155

Fax: +420 222 220 629

Email: vzatisi,zatisigroup,cz


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