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V Zátiší


V Zátiší retreat that you will stumble across once navigating the intricate maze of the Prague’s Old Town meandering streets has always been a place where diplomats like to meet and greet, businessmen enter into secret deals and men propose marriage and/or more... Cosy corners with comfortable chairs and modern glass artefacts by Rony Plesl are hidden to the world in this Prague restaurant with a charming name. Peeking through the window to the kitchen, you can admire the way culinary work of arts are created by the chef Mahavir Kansval and his team.


V Zátiší is a mystery!

V Zátiší is a MYSTERY of tastes! Our chef Mahavir Kansval unveils the mystery of new tastes daily and enthusiastically shares his discoveries with the guests. All ingredients become two dimensional at V Zátiší. Mahavir watches the quality of the favourite specialities served by the restaurant and at the same time experiments with seasonal ingredients. Mahavir is by no means afraid of unconventional combinations. He also has added fresh, exotic tastes and intense smells of spices to the menu, making sure you will never be bored at V Zátiší when enjoying our assorted delicacies.


V Zátiší is a mystery of excellent gastronomy!

All awards received by the V Zátiší restaurant’s team during its years of operation have been highly valued and appreciated, but the greatest prize, naturally, comes from you, our guests. When you keep returning to our place on regular basis and dedicate your most valuable asset – your time – to us, we are honoured. It is you who help us create our menu. Our chef listen closely and with a great deal of respect to all your wishes and comments. It is you we owe thanks to for keeping the traditional Czech creamy-vegetable sauce dish or roasted duck with white and red cabbage on the menu.


V Zátiší is a mystery of delicious wines!

"In vino veritas", so it is no secret that the V Zátiší restaurant Managing Director, Libor Pavlíček, personally picks each wine carried by the restaurant. Believe me when I say that compromising is not his forte. Only the best years, selected batches and the most complex tastes make it to V Zátiší tables. Good wine is a joy, happiness, love and celebration of life, larger than life... Wine is a mystery of a beautiful moment.

Let us recommend you the best wine to go with each course and enjoy even just one glass. Wine Pairing is one of the key pillars of the V Zátiší menu.


V Zátiší is a mystery and mystique of private gatherings!

Avoid the never stopping city buzz and the eyes of nosy passersby. Indulge in some exquisite delicacies and enjoy the privacy in our elegant midst. We will be with you the moment you need us, but never too late or too soon. V Zátiší restaurant is divided into several rooms linked together by the distinct signature style of a Czech designer Barbara Hamplová, but at the same time kept in their unique character. V Zátiší will provide with a great deal of modesty the best setting for your fancy dinners, special romantic rendezvous or successful business meetings. Your secrets are safe with us.


V Zátiší Mlýnec Bellevue Žofín Garden Zátiší Club
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